It’s tearin’ me apart…

Excuse the Backstreet Boys reference. This past week I scrambled to put together a design structure proposal for yesterday’s Union Council meeting. Over the past month, I consulted surveys taken of the New South Campus Union design process and also met with many folks who were instrumental in the process. Factoring in all the criticisms and highlights, I came up with a framework that I thought alleviated many of the past problems. Preemptively, though, I recognized the challenges that my proposal created. It’s a good thing we have many critical eyes on Union Council who put my proposal through the ringer. For context, here is the diagram that I presented:

I’ll save you the explanation of this diagram and cut to the chase. The proposal was deemed a bit unwieldy and subsequently torn apart.

We didn’t come to any hard and fast resolution, yet. But that’s okay. These things happen.  A group of us will be getting together over the next month and a half to hash out the details and come up with something better to approve at the January Union Council meeting. The goal is to have the Design Committee in place before architects come on board for the Memorial Union Renovation, starting early next semester.

The big win for the project was the approval of the furniture (finally). Rest assured, we will now have furniture in the building (whew), not that it would ever be otherwise.


~ by ptilley on December 4, 2009.

One Response to “It’s tearin’ me apart…”

  1. Dude–Its Tearin Me Apart was an nsync song!! lol

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