Building Exterior

View at Randall and Campus Drive

Southwest Plaza

Dayton and Orchard Streets

Orchard Street and Campus Drive (beginning of W. Johnson)


~ by Dan on February 1, 2010.

16 Responses to “Building Exterior”

  1. I like the faux brick columns, very welcoming. Almost like a national park in the Rockies. Are there plans to remove the library? Every picture avoids the view of the library…

    • The columns are actually a really cool stone from near Mosinee Wisconsin. Their inclusion (rather than case concrete) was one of the major things student who helped design the building insisted upon.

      See below for info on the library removal.

  2. Wendt Library isn’t going anywhere…

  3. But is looks so open and airy in the pictures. So in picture #4 the woman in the yellow is starring at the Wendt library wall?

    I suspect once people see how close the library is there’ll be a movement to open up the space…

    • The most recent (2005) Campus Master Plan does call for the demolition of Wendt at some point in the not so distant future, after which the area is supposed to be “green space.” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to it.

  4. what the f***? the old renderings were way better… these new pictures make the design look cheap and already dated. So much for a better looking South Campus… let’s hope the finished product looks better.

  5. Yep, almost no courtyard left between the Library and Union. THe pictures don’t show this but the construction camera does. A narrow space that will be good for the game yells I suppose but precious little else. At least it blocks the traffic noise, which will be loud on the Campus Drive side as well as most of the balconies….

    The interiors are nice, but this isn’t going to compete with Memorial when the weather is nice….

    • I think you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised at the size and character of the outdoor space between Wendt and the new building. There will be a fair amount of seating and some vegetation (though probably not enough), but the real draw will be a natural-type water feature – basically a little babbling brook – running through the area. Union Council just got confirmation of this water feature at last night’s (March 25th) meeting.

      The building also has a series of terraces built into it, which should provide a great place for students and others to relax, especially on sunny spring and fall days. Plans also call for a fireplace on one of these levels – third floor space above the Club.

      The outdoor space won’t be the Terrace, but it was never intended (nor could it be) such a space. It should, however, provide a welcomed outdoor space to relax and socialize in this part of campus.

  6. I really hope that there will be decent disabled access between the Union, Wendt Library, and Comp Sci buildings. Having to go all the way around, or having entrances that don’t align or require lengthly outdoor trips isn’t so great in this climate–but unfortunately is a hallmark of traditional building design on this campus (e.g., Van Vleck to Ingraham; Humanities to Memorial Library; and even Comp Sci to the old Union South entrance).

    • Although the building is not technically Universal Design certified, accessibility and Universal Design principles were overriding design considerations, so (from what I know) it should be very easy to move around the entire site and the building.

  7. They should have included a train platform.

    Why no train platform on a “green” building constructed right next to a set of tracks that could easily carry people from the west side of Madison into campus, especially so close to Camp Randall Stadium?

    • While the site was designed to include a future train platform/station, it’s not being built in the initial construction because there is not yet a system to connect it to the west end of campus or elsewhere. Plus, it’d be an onerous and unfair burden on students to pay for infrastructure that should be covered by dedicated transportation funds.

      • Thank you for your response!

        “While the site was designed to include a future train platform/station, it’s not being built in the initial construction …”

        I’m glad someone was thinking ahead. Seems unusual these days.

  8. We’ll see about the space between, it’s a narrow space between two big buildings, it’s going to be hard not to feel like that. Is the water feature suppose to provide “white noise” to cancel out some of the traffic on Campus Drive?

    • Not really. The feature is more natural than your typical fountain or water wall that would block noise, it’s a very natural design and looks just like something you would find in nature (not an urban campus). If they were to create a noise diffusing feature it would have been done on the Johnson St./Campus Drive side where there is regular traffic. This feature is more of a place to be (or be near) above all else. It may end up diffusing some noise, but that wasn’t the intent behind the designed of the feature.

  9. I rattling expectation that there will be respectable injured gain between the Compounding, Wendt Collection, and Comp Sci buildings. Having to go all the way around, or having entrances that don’t array or require lengthly outside trips isn’t so major in this climate-but unluckily is a hallmark of tralatitious edifice program on this campus (e.g., Van Vleck to Ingraham; Bailiwick to Remembrance Depository; and symmetrical Comp Sci to the old Brotherhood Southeasterly entryway).

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